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Introducing The Kushion

A premium 420-inspired cushion that’s sure to be the highlight of any room.

Welcome to your Best Bud!

Introducing The Kushion—a premium 420-inspired cushion that’s sure to be the highlight of any room. Printed with high-resolution images of cannabis and formed to resemble the natural shape of buds, these kushions are so realistic they’re guaranteed to make your guests do a double take. Sitting at roughly 20 x 14 inches, they’re the dankest pieces of home decor you’ll ever see—and did we mention they’re even delivered in custom XL dime bags? Ya!

But The Kushion is more than just a pretty face—we’re all about delivering a soft, kushy, premium product. This luxury item is covered in cool, breathable, four-way-stretch fabric that leaves every side feeling cool like the underside of the Kushion. Stuffed evenly with a high-grade fibre filling, they’re guaranteed to maintain their shape and just the right amount of bounce. Proudly Canadian, hand-crafted with care, and machine washable, The Kushions are built to last.

On top of being the highest quality product on the market, our Kushions are the ultimate gift for 420 enthusiasts in your life. From fun-loving stoners looking for unique additions to their home decor to 420-friendly seniors who need some extra support after smoking up, The Kushion is putting big smiles on people’s faces around the world. Plus, with four unique designs modelled after the notorious Silver Haze, Electric Pink, Violator, and Afghan, we’ve got the right Kushion for even the pickiest of cannoisseurs. After all, what could be better than a premium Kushion that looks exactly like your favourite strains of kush?

So whether you’ve just sat down with some sativa or your indica’s got you stuck indacouch, reach for The Kushion for some high quality comfort.

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  • WOW!!! Purchased The Kushion for my son over the holidays, he absolutely loves it. Great quality and how much it resembles the real thing is amazing.

    Lisa–Sacramento, California
  • Can’t believe how comfy and realistic this Kushion Is. Great addition to my man cave.
    John–Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • So easy to order. It was fun picking my own strain they even provided tracking for my delivery, quick shipping. Very good quality cushion.
    Patricia–Vancouver, British Columbia

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